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Hire me as your landscape coach. Ask me questions about your yard and I'll provide you with all kinds of resources, and information to get you started including follow up email. Cost is $150 + tax

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Yes, Add Landscape Maintenance Guide

Grab our Landscape Maintenance Guide as well for just $27

This is a Landscape Maintenance Guide designed for New Mexico that tells you exactly what to do in your yard each month. It simplifies the stress we sometimes feel when we think we need to be taking care of our plants. I don’t know about you but I’d rather relax in my yard without stressing.

I put together this guide to answer the most common question I get, how do I maintain my yard (weeds, pruning, watering, etc).

This guide tells you how much to water, when to prune, why we mulch and when you should put down pre-emergents to prevent those weeds from coming up. It’s a simple to use guide telling you exactly what you need to do that month in your yard. It’s all about low maintenance so you have more time to spend relaxing in your yard.

Have you ever had trouble managing the weeds in your yard and wanted to learn a little bit more about why some yards in town aren’t full of the weeds? I sure did so I put together a Maintenance Guide for you.

The guide provides you easy to do tasks each month to ensure your yard is in tip top shape all year and helps you prevent those weeds from coming next year.

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