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Landscape Maintenance Guide

Jill's maintenance guide provides you with simple monthly maintenance tasks needed to keep your yard in tip top shape: topics such as weeding, pruning, and a list of her favorite maintenance tools.


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The most common question I get is how do I maintain my yard (weeds, pruning, watering, etc) In fact at the beginning of the year I asked the My Landscape Coach community what the biggest struggle is in their yards. Almost 75% of you mentioned MAINTENANCE. So I've created the  Month by Month Landscape Maintenance Guide for the Southwest to answer all your questions.

This guide tells you how much to water, when to prune, why we mulch and when you should put down pre-emergents to prevent those weeds from coming up. It's a simple to use guide telling you exactly what you need to do that month in your yard. It's all about low maintenance so you have more time to spend relaxing in your yard. 

This Maintenance guide provides you simple monthly maintenance tasks:


"Thank you for all the information on the Siberian elms. I feel confident to tackle them."

"The Maintenance Guide just simplifies all the garden steps so I know what basics I need to take care of. I won't be stressing about like I'm behind anymore."

"This is exactly what I've been looking for!"

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